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Many Thanks for 100th Anniversary
Vinos Yamazaki Co.,Ltd.
President and CEO
Hitoshi Tanemoto
 “Our mission is to find out and to provide really good products for the customers.” Toyosaku Yamazaki, the founder, opened a small liqueur shop with his big dream on his small hand-drawn cart. The second generation, Tatsumi Yamazaki, focused on regional sake made by small local breweries as a pioneer, though the major stream in this period was mass-produced national brand sake. His activities were gradually recognized by the customers, and he became acknowledged as an expert of sake.
 The third generation started to import wines directly from the wineries all over the world, forming the basis of the present Vinos Yamazaki with a new distribution system and the concept that “the stores should be comfortable and convenient for the customers”.
 There were a lot of difficulties and drastic changes we faced in these 100 years. However, thanks to the huge support by our customers, producers, cooperative banks and enterprises, our employees, and the other many people, we were able to come successfully through all these difficulties. We would really appreciate for your continuous guidance and support.
Work for others
Vinos Yamazaki Co.,Ltd.
Executive Vice President and COO
Yuko Tanemoto
 First of all, I would really appreciate for numerous support of all of you at our 100th Anniversary.
 When I started the wine business of Vinos Yamazaki in 1987, I told myself every day that I was a manager of new venture business rather than the successor of my father’s liquor shop. However, through a lot of trials and experiences, I began to believe that our most important mission, as a retailer, is “to be on behalf of the customers”. Therefore, our business is not just focusing on the sales of the products as a distributor of the producers, but seeking for the products which the customers really want, and developing the original products with the producers when we cannot find what we are looking for. I believe that this is the common rule to success as a retailer in all times. This idea helps me so many times whenever I face difficulties. I think that this is our company’s DNA succeeded from generation to generation since it was established.
 “Work for others”. This is the philosophy which we decide to follow at this 100th Anniversary. We believe that our mission is to keep working hard not only for our own sake, but for our customers, for the producers, and for the whole society. We promise to keep doing our best in order to create and dynamize the wine market.


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